Other Animals

  • Other Animals

    Over the years, the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge has also enjoyed the presence of goats, sheep, ducks, geese, guinea-pigs and cats and even old mules that used to serve in the Kashmir army from where they were taken to a laboratory for serum collection and finally rescued from poor conditions in the lab facilities to retire in our shelter. Seeing the mixture of different species of animals living in harmony together has been an inspiration to many people.

    In all our work we want to emphasize the connection and role of animals in the human society and how the welfare of the animals can improve the welfare of people as well. Socio-economical and ecological factors are linked with animal health and welfare matters and only by understanding the complexity of these interactions we can move towards better solutions.

    Even the most perfect animal shelter can only help a limited number of animals – solving animal welfare problems need to happen outside shelters and before animals need to be rescued to a shelter. To understand more about animal welfare, it is essential to understand the Five Freedoms that have been used since 1965 (Brambell report) to define good welfare of animals.

    The Five Freedoms are:

    • Freedom from hunger and thirst
    • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
    • Freedom from discomfort
    • Freedom from fear and distress
    • Freedom to express normal , species –specific behavior