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    Mission Rabies

    IPAN is the main collaborator of the UK-initiated Mission Rabies project concept in India. Mission Rabies focuses in eliminating rabies from the dogs to protect human lives. Mass-vaccination of dogs has been proven to be the most cost-effective way to prevent human rabies deaths. IPAN is an ideal partner for the Mission Rabies concept in India because the Nilgiris district where IPAN’s work started in 1997 is rabies free as a result of sustainable and systematic rabies dog vaccination programs in the district.

    In 2014-2017 IPAN’s Mission Rabies project focuses in eliminating rabies from the state of Goa. We have a permanent vaccination team on the field, catching dogs humanely with catching nets and vaccinating them against rabies. Each vaccination and the location of the dog are recorded using a Mission Rabies smartphone app to facilitate the monitoring of the vaccination coverage in each area. The team also manages as Rabies hotline in Goa – a phone number where members of the public can call if they see a rabies suspect dog. Our team will assess the situation and take the dog for observation. All suspected cases are tested and sent to a laboratory in Chennai to confirm diagnosis.

    As part of the Mission Rabies collaboration IPAN also operates a Mission Rabies Truck – a mobile veterinary hospital that travels around India providing veterinary surgical training courses and educating public about rabies control.

    Funding for the IPAN’s Mission Rabies project in India comes from the registered charity Mission Rabies in UK.