YOUR help is valuable - Make a donation to make a difference

IPAN’s work relies on donations, donated materials and voluntary work. We are very grateful for all those individuals and organisations who have helped us over the years to carry on.

You can join our supporters and become part of the IPAN team. There are many ways you can help.

For example,

  • Rs. 500 (USD 9.50) pays for one spay/neuter surgery & rabies vaccination of a dog

  • Rs. 2000 (USD 38) pays for one animal rescue operation

  • Rs. 7000 (USD 95) pays for one month salary for a driver cum veterinary assistant to drive the IPAN animal rescue vehicle

  • Rs. 10 000 pays for the feeding and care of one rescued horse per month.

SPONSOR a rabies free village – campaign to raise funds to do annual rabies vaccination in the rural villages of the Masinagudi-Mudumalai area. By donating us Rs. 10 000 and marking that as ‘SPONSOR a rabies free village’ we will conduct mass rabies vaccination camp in one of the villages vaccinating all its dogs and send you photos of the event with a banner carrying your name if you so wish.If you are able, you are most welcome to attend the vaccination camp as well. Year after, we will send you an invitation to sponsor the annual drive in that village again. This is a great opportunity for corporates to combine corporate responsibility programs and team building retreat.