Cows & Buffaloes

  • Cows & Buffaloes

    Over-crowded and long cattle transport for slaughter is a major welfare issue for cows and buffaloes in India. Old, sick or/and injured cows are the ones that are sent for slaughter and many of them collapse during the long transport in a crowded truck or when transported on hoof over very long distances. When an animal falls down during long slaughter transport, they are forced up by putting chilly powder in to their eyes or by piercing them with sharp sticks.

    In the Nilgiris district, IPAN has battled for many years to stop the transport of cattle through the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve since transporting cattle through the nature reserve is a risk factor for spreading Foot-and-Mouth –disease to deer and elephants. Success came finally and police has become more sensitized regarding animal welfare matters in animal transport. We have also collaborated with Animal Rahat in conducting animal welfare awareness workshops for police.

    Neglected cows roaming around on the streets among chaotic traffic and eating plastic rubbish from roadsides are a common sight all over India. Plastic rubbish accumulates in the rumen and eventually causes the animals to die of dehydration and starvation as there is no more capacity to digest proper feed. The only way to save a cow that has plastic rubbish impaction in the rumen is to surgically remove all the plastic. The plastic can not come out by itself. Over the years we have performed these surgeries in the IPAN clinic and removed up to 26 kg of plastic from one single animal. Enforced solid waste management and public education about proper waste disposal is necessary for any sustainable change for the fate of the Indian cows on the streets.

    The Hill View Farm Animal Refuge houses about 30 cows and buffaloes. Most of them have been confiscated from over-crowded and illegal slaughter transports, some have been handed over by people who were not able to take care of them. Again, we believe in working with people, educating and helping them to look after their animals well to prevent suffering.